Tuesday, September 11, 2007


"I like the look of taking the stripe all the way around, and using that space as my own art installation"

Ok. Maybe not! My regular site browsing led into a new discovery. Graphic Designer Joseph Abbati in Dallas, TX is the person behind the black & white striped wall entryway from domino's design contest. Inspired to re-create a Dallas Museum of Art exhibition Joseph went all out for a striped room from ceiling to floors. I love that he has a playful love for pattern & prints, vinyl collectible toys, my favorite quote of his:

"Abbati brightened the wall beyond with a painted pink, red, and white design in the tradition of the Finnish textile firm Marimekko, forming a backdrop to a built-in desk."


beckie said...

I am loving that fantastic rust colored chair with the retro detailing. Oh my gosh I am in love

Bobble Bee said...

That first image decoration is so Dorothy Draper!