Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Despite the bad reviews the Marc Jacobs Spring 2008 RTW received, (the theme was about "sex"; the undressing of certain types of women?) But aside from that I found myself attracted to several elements of this collection. The shoes, the accessories, the hair pieces. It was def. something unexpected.

A mini trend I saw - little petite mouses. How cute! Reminds of the popular mouse flats of some seasons ago. Also detected flowers, and frogs!

These I feel like their were made with a certain Dr. Seuss illustration in mind.

Made for details:

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Please excuse my crappy title.


Jocelan Thiessen said...

ooh yeah those heels are so artful!

Bobble Bee said...

i dont understand why people has been so critic ... i find this collection delish ! really like it. Taking risks <3

Dani said...

I love the details you pointed out, and of course, the comparisson with Dr. Seuss:))
Don't you think the combination of colors, the pale, the contrasting yellow, is just perfect?

J Lee said...

i do love the colors but i can see where the critics are getting their negative comments from. not what i would have expected from Marc Jacobs being he is one of my favorite designers.... his bags are such eye candies!!!


Jessica said...

I can't say I liked this show that much, but I guess I appreciate what he was trying to do. I thought the shoes were the most interesting part.

blushing apples said...

^_^ thanks dani! your a darling

Sarah Dennis said...

Do you think that the negative reviews had anything to do with the fact that his show was 2 hrs. LATE.

I heard that some fashion writers/critics were so put off by his tardiness and blatant disrespect for their time (He offered no apology or explanation)that they unleashed fury when reviewing the line.

blushing apples said...


lluviaschick said...

j´adore Marc Jacobs, très chic!!!