Thursday, September 20, 2007

Left to Right: Not for sale Owl vase from Oh Joy,

1.Vintage Owl Bank, 2. Tree Coffee Mug $18.00, 3. Alice in Wonderland Tea Set $32.00,

This week and I saw new shops open like Wren & Chickadee; a mother and daughter out in hunt for lost treasures for their customers and Three Potato Four also a family operated business. Imagine the fun and the joy they might get when preparing store orders and receiving positive feedback. I admire the work that goes into each of the orders.


Jessica said...

I like the owl vase, you can get a similiar one at Anthropologie I believe. it is adorable.

blushing apples said...

yes! i have been have spotted them, next paycheck I will be purchasing the teapot & mugs! I had the grey owl teapot that was issued last year! ^_^

cotton candy said...

that little brown owl msakes me ooh and aah. its so adorable!
btw i've tagged you. see my post for more! =D

Dani said...

I just love roses. These look so unique!