Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I have the crafty bug today! and as always Martha Stewart never goes unspoken when mentioning the word "CRAFT". Top: Hole Punch Display


Stamps Stairs

Poetic Ribbon Wrappings

Wall Photo Enlargement

Vacation Memories Shadow Boxes

Affectionate Seed Cards

Dot-Painted China


Juliet said...

oh how cute pictures, makes me want to eat chocolate ! :D

juliet xxx

People St.Clair said...

oooh, I love a good craft project I like the dot-painted china.

Jennifer said...

i wish i had more time to work on crafts... i miss it!


Romeika said...

It all looks so lovely, especially those green pastel tons in the first picture.

cotton candy said...

that picture in the frame - would you call it a picture?? well, i love it and it has definetly inspired me to make one of my own!! ^^ the colours are so lovely.