Monday, August 20, 2007

It's worth every papercut...

The Core of Everything

Peter Callesen whom I have recently become familiar with, has the most beautiful pieces of art I've seen; it's breath taking. His work resembles that of Tord Boontje with his lattice-like forms.

"Broken Vase"

"Butterflies Trying to Escape Their Shadow"


"Natures Maze"

"Distant Wish"

"Wedding Dress Without Bride"


"Impenetrable Castle"

Some of the small paper cuts relate to a universe of fairy tales and
romanticism, as for instance "Impenetrable Castle" inspired by Hans Christian
Andersen's fairy tale "The Steadfast Tin Soldier", in which a tin soldier falls
in love with a paper ballerina, living in a paper castle
. Other paper cuts are
small dramas in which small figures are lost within and threatened by the huge
powerful nature. Others again are turning the inside out, or letting the front
and the back of the paper meet - dealing with impossibility, illusions, and
reflections. -Peter Callesen

"The Impossible Meeting"

I have never heard of "The Steadfast Tin Soldier" but I can imagine the scenes with these spectacular illustrations. Just fascinating...

It was hard not to post all of his creations, it was like discovering a paper wonderland of some sort! so surreal...


People St.Clair said...

Paper Wonderland is correct everything is so captivating and I could see how you would want to show everthing. Fabulous post!

Jessica said...

I have been obessed with his work for a long time. He has such amazing detail and they were just so clever. Check out the new paintings by Kara Walker who also takes paper and cut outs to a whole new level.

blushing apples said...

jessica you are always in the KNOWN!!! hah!

WendyB said...

Love everything but especially the apple!

girl meets glamour said...

Wow, how amazing are these pieces! What patience and dedication to create something like that. Great post!


J Lee said...

It brings a whole new meaning to pop up paper cut outs! Fantastic.


Anonymous said...

Wowo, that's 59083483 times cooler than anything I've every done with those paper cut out things. You alsways find the coolest stuff.

Dani said...


Iheartfashion said...

So cool! I love paper art.

Blue Orchid Designs said...

wow, these are amazing!

lingz said...

Cool posting! Its amazing how art can be achieved from just simple piece of paper.