Monday, August 27, 2007

displayed affections

Some fun and quirky displays I found inspiring & audacious!
I could have never thought of this! For me it WORKS!
I don't think I had a PEZ in years but this is idea is def. making me want to initiate a collection of my own. SMART I say, it brings adds color to a white kitchen!
Vintage girdles and gloves paired with vintage photographs create a very distinctive display above the bed.

Yup, Those certainly are real chairs and are NOT FOR SITTING!
Chair display in Urbn

Photos: Flickr, HGTV, House to Home, Living Etc


cotton candy said...

you always find the most amazing and gorgeous things!! and in that first pic, are they typewriters hanging on the wall?/ it's amazing!!

Juliet said...

the typewriter thing looked amazing and is, I have carried one with me one summer in it was really _ heavy_ how can that wall stand that?
nice post again.

juliet xxx

Bobble Bee said...

I'd love to have the third picture image as my room ^_^

People St.Clair said...

the typewriters on the wall is nice, what a creative idea. I will say I love the kitchen with the pez dispensers it gives it character and makes the kitchen feel like a fun place to be. Wonderful pictures.

girl meets glamour said...

ha ha! no I know what to do with all those old pez dispensers :) Great post!


Emma said...

I am currently redecorating and this stuff is giving me inspiration, esp. the girdle walls :^)
Thanks for a great and adorable post!

blushing apples said...

thanks guys! You may be too KIND with me, esp. EMMA! ;D. I'm still processing how this blog went from FASHION TO HOME! Last time I checked my first passion was FASHION. I need serious INTERVENTION!

Ez said...

Hello! Your blog is fantastic... of course!
I just wanted to say thank you for voting for my entry in the Style Me Pretty wedding board contest. I really appreciate it!

...and thanks for always leaving such lovely comments on my blog! You always brighten my day!


B.lush said...

I love me some Pez but your post is even cooler!

Rollergirl said...

Love all these. The typewriters - crazy - imagine the racket if one fell off while you were sleeping! I love those old bashed up white chairs on the wall. I like that your blog is interiors, you have lovely taste. Yours is the only interiors blog I read.

blushing apples said...

haha what if they did FALL! yes i know! but I bet the typewriter were securely hanged. and thank you rollergirl this is a HUGE HUGE complement, thank you :D