Wednesday, July 25, 2007


No, I'm not fortunate enough to have my own inspiration room but Brooke whom I met on the AV forum does. She was kind enough to let me use her photos on my blog so thank you Brooke!

The room is used simply for relaxation & as a reading and study room. Vintage inspired furniture, graphic silk pillows and little things as a classic black typewriter, vintage gold bird cage and a simple topiary, adorn the tucked away room. The items were gathered from flea markets & a local unique furnishing store... I love these types of rooms so full of inspiration! Did you notice her INSPIRATION board? As she said it allows her to change what inspires her at the moment.

"... I believe a bedroom is for sleeping and every girl needs a room where she cango and relax, read her new issue of vogue, and enjoy a cup of tea"

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blushing apples said...

The photos on the inspiration board are from russell + hazel's audrey collection :D