Thursday, May 17, 2007

FANTASY: "Cartoon Furniture"

Living Room/ Conference Room. I love that plastic light fixture!

Rafts are used as movable walls.

Bedroom: "The bed is a standard air mattress raised on inflatable cubes and a suspended, inflatable float slides along a ceiling track to give a degree of privacy. Even the window garden features inflatable tulips!"

"[home owner] was inspired by two factors: a design project he worked on to capture an aesthetic element of the beach and a low budget. He loves his inflatable furnishings because they're versatile, collapsible and store away easily."

Every Thursday at 5:30 PM I watch HGTV's Small Space Big Style; it inspires me every time. Great to watch if you live in a small space- designs that don't sacrifice style the by square footage. In one episode -INFLATABLE HEAVEN- I saw a home/office with all inflatable furnishings and ever since I'm obsessed with that idea; its fairly cheap and the look is modern.

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